Development Strategy

As developers, we have five main business lines that we follow in our work. The first is the creation of paper lots where we divide land up on paper by entitling difficult parcels of land. These lots can then be sold to other individuals, builders, and developers. Secondly, we also work in fee simple lot sales, forming the idea for a community, entitling lots, and preparing those lots in order to sell them to home builders. Our third business line, single-family home rentals, works by entitling lots, developing them, and then building an entire community of single family detached homes that are then available for rent. Our fourth business line is slightly different from the rest, being in the sphere of quality affordable housing for lower-income families. We build high-density communities for utilizing HUD’s low-income housing tax-credits. Our team's professional services are also available on a fee basis.  

Entitling the paper lots is the foundation for land development and in many ways, the most difficult and essential part. Despite the many opportunities for urban infill in DFW, the entitlement process can be wrought with challenges. The entitlement process makes such parcels of land less expensive when purchased and significantly more valuable once entitled. Our leadership team has learned how to effectively entitle difficult pieces of land over the many years of their experience, allowing us to take advantage of this opportunity in the housing market. 

5 Main Business Lines:

1. Creation of Paper Lots


2. Developed Option Lots

3.. Single-Family House Rentals

4. High Quality Homes for Low-Income Families

5. Fee Development

ECM Development's goal is to develop high quality building and high-density neighborhoods. All of our homes, regardless of whether they are fee-simple, rentals, or affordable are built to meet the same high-quality standards in building and design. We design our communities based on proven development practices to ensure sound and visually appealing properties that will stand the test of time. All of our projects also include enhanced landscaping designed to withstand Texas' climate and temperamental weather patterns. This emphasis on quality is made possible by the low cost parcels of land that we entitle, as well as our decision to develop at high-density. Building high-density on these tracts enables us to cut the cost of the homes, while maintaining their high quality. By building homes at higher density, we decrease lot sizes while maintaining the individuality of each home.

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