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In February of 2019, TJ Moore, Robert Kembel, and Howard Porteus came together to create ECM Development, garnering its name from the initials of TJ’s children: Elijah Cole, Emelia Claire, and Emerson Cade Moore. The company was formed to offer first-rate professional services encompassing the entitlement of difficult land parcels and building quality high-density housing upon them in the DFW metroplex.

Company History

Before starting ECM, TJ noticed two qualities of the DFW market that provide a unique opportunity in development. The first is the amount of urban infill opportunities that developers struggle to take advantage of. There are currently thousands of undeveloped tracts around DFW and the sheer number of them provides fertile ground for urban infill development. Entitling them, however, has proven a challenge for many developers, who have simply given up on the effort. The second revolves around the number of families who desire affordable new homes. Currently in DFW, the cost of housing is rising rapidly while wages struggle to keep the same pace. 

These two qualities created an opportunity for something unique and formed the purpose of ECM to provide competent urban infill combined with affordable new houses. TJ, Robert, and Howard combined their expertise and 70 years’ worth of experience in engineering, banking, and construction to develop their projects and finish them well. The ECM Development team is able to entitle and develop difficult pieces of land in order to provide high-quality single-family homes for the DFW market.